Agragas® Solution - Clean Energy from Waste

Agragas® can convert any waste into the world's cleanest gas or electricity or fuel. We produce Clean Renewable Energy from Waste utilizing advanced gasification technology and combine it with other innovative solutions to achieve customer requirements for targeted efficiency and output product(s).
We use conventional organic solid waste products and transform its carbon content to clean syngas at extremely low rates. Then syngas can be efficiently turned into cheap electricity with zero CO2 emissions or utilized directly for various industrial applications.
Financial Benefits:
  • Efficient conversion of organic waste to valuable clean energy.
  • Efficient conversion of organic waste to various industrial products.
  • Significant cost reduction of waste disposal and transportation.
  • Millions of dollars in increased revenue for the city by trading CO2 emissions under Cap and Trade and REC tax credits.
Environmental Benefits:
  • Conversion of noxious waste to clean energy.
  • The waste CO2 contribution to global warming is zero.
  • Elimination of methane gas released from landfill deposits or land spreading.
  • Elimination of potential ground water and surface water pollution from landfills or land spreading.
  • Significant reduction in use of fossil fuels.
Combining multiple years of experience our team of experts can efficiently convert various organic wastes to clean energy and/or industrial products. We manage all stages of the projects from the start to the completion including realistic evaluation and practical estimation, products aggregation, custom design manufacturing and construction.
If you have an organic waste, we can efficiently convert it in the valuable products - contact us for evaluation!
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