Concord Blue Systems

Concord Blue Systems technology (CBS) is the newest innovation for solving a world-wide challenge - renewable energy creation from biomass/waste input in an environmentally responsible way. CBS can help solve the problem of waste disposal, reduce the need for landfills, and provide clean renewable energy for consumption.

Thermolysis and Staged Reforming pioneers a new wave of energy-from-waste technologies
The "stage-reforming" process of CBS is the next generation of renewable energy production:
- It separates the process: through thermolysis the bulk of the material enters a gas phase where it then undergoes steam reforming producing a hydrogen rich gas. Meanwhile the remaining char from the thermolysis undergoes a second stage thermolysis to form the process heat for the system.
- Unlike the air gasification, the product gas quality can be optimized as it is unaffected by any other gases, and the processes are carried out separately.

A further key feature of the CBS is the use of a circulating bulk material as the heat carrying medium. This means that heat exchange surfaces are always clean, and it becomes possible to use input-biomass materials that would be prone to causing slagging, fouling and corrosion in conventional systems.
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